About Us

Mission : Heal people suffering from Migraine using Homeopathy

“Helpformigraine” is a 501 (c) 3 – nonprofit organization based in California. We are professional Homeopaths with a combined experience of more than 60 years in healing people using Homeopathy. We have been helping people with illnesses ranging from acute conditions like simple injuries, cough, allergies, and flu, to chronic illnesses like migraine, depression, anxiety, eczema, asthma, childhood illnesses, hormonal conditions, and many other chronic conditions.

We want to use our knowledge and experience, to help people suffering from Migraine and Tension headache – for FREE.

Our founder’s  immediate as well as extended family members have been treated using Homeopathy for more than 50 years – for illnesses ranging from allergies, earaches, to end of life illnesses.  In fact, the oldest (92 year old) member of his family has instructed family members not to take him to a hospital, but to treat him with Homeopathy, and then let him begin his final journey peacefully in the presence of his family members at home.  We are grateful for people like him for their faith in Homeopathy, and in Homeopaths like us.

There are many teachers who believed in Homeopathy, and sacrificed their lucrative careers to dedicate their lives to teach Homeopathy to the younger generation.  We genuinely appreciate their sacrifices.

Finally, there are millions of patients (including the mothers of young children) in the world, who placed their trust in Homeopathy to provide healthcare for them as well as their loved ones.

We want to dedicate our work to all these people, who showed their immense confidence in Homeopathy and Homeopaths like us, and who made it possible to bestow the gift of “Homeopathy” upon mankind.

We want to abide by the following oath that we took on our graduation day:

Our Oath:

Great Spirit, you have blessed your earth, rivers and mountains with healing substances; they enable your  inhabitants to alleviate their sufferings and to heal their illnesses.

You have endowed mankind with the wisdom to relieve the suffering of our fellow being to recognize his disorders, to extract the healing substances, to discover their powers and to prepare and to apply them to suit every ill.

In your eternal wisdom, You have chosen me to watch over the life and health of your inhabitants.  Inspire me with love for my art and for all beings.  Do not allow thirst for profit, ambition or reputation interfere with the practice of my art.

Preserve the strength of my body and soul that I may ever be ready to cheerfully treat rich and poor, good and bad, enemy as well as friend.  In the sufferer, let me see only the human being.

Illumine my mind that I recognize what presents itself and comprehend what is absent or hidden.  Let me not fail to see in my work the invisible power and grace of your hand.

Let my mind always be clear and pure in attending the suffering of others for sacred are the thoughtful deliberations required to preserve the lives and health of your creatures.

Grant that my patients have confidence in me and my art and follow my directions and my counsel.  Should those who are wiser than I wish to improve and instruct me, let my soul gratefully follow their guidance, for vast is the extent of our art.

Imbue my soul with gentleness and calmness should others censure me.  Then let love for my profession steel me against them, so that I remain steadfast without regard for age, reputation or honor.

Let me be contented in everything except in the great science of my profession.

Never allow me to believe that I have attained sufficient knowledge but grant me the strength, the leisure and the ambition to ever extend my knowledge.  For art is great, but the mind of man is ever expanding.

I now apply myself to my profession.  Support me in this great task so that it may benefit mankind, for without Your help, not even the least thing will succeed.