1. Will I ever meet the Homeopath in person ? 

    No – you will communicate with your Homeopath over the Internet (via web meetings and e-mails) or via telephone.  This will allow you to receive help from the comfort of your home.

  2. Do you charge any money for your service ? 


  3. Do I stop my current Migraine or Tension headache treatment ? 

    No – your current treatment provider should decide if and when the current treatment should be modified or stopped.

  4. Should I inform my current doctor that I will be taking Homeopathy treatment ? 


  5. Do your Homeopaths get paid any money ? 

    No – they are all volunteers

  6. Who should try your service ? 

    Anyone suffering from chronic Migraine or Tension headache may try our service.

  7. Where do I buy Homeopathic remedies, and what is the approximate cost ? 

    You may buy these remedies from a regular pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, etc.), a natural food store (Mother’s Market, etc.), or directly from a manufacturer of Homeopathic remedies. A patient may spend $50-$80 per year for these remedies.

  8. What is your source of income ?
  9. We receive donations from the following sources :

    • Patients (or their family members) who are happy with our service, and who believe that their donation will help us in providing service to others
    • Individual donors / organizations who believe in our service