Start Your Treatment

Step 1:
Tell us briefly about your migraine problem using our website – click the button to start.

Step 2:
After studying the information that you provide, we will contact you via e-mail, and send send you a “Health History” form.  You need to complete this form after opening it in Microsoft Word. You will also receive a “Disclosure” form which provides information about the Homeopath (the Homeopathy Health Practitioner) who will work with you. You are also requested to sign and scan the disclosure form.  E-mail the completed “Health History” and the “Disclosure” form back to us.

Step 3:
We will contact you to schedule an appointment with the Homeopath.

Step 4:
The Homeopath will spend up to 2 hours taking your case over the Internet or via telephone.

Step 5:
You will receive the remedy name, instructions on how to take the remedy, and information about your follow up appointment. You need to buy the remedy from your choice of pharmacy or a remedy manufacturer.

Step 6:
Regular follow up will be scheduled at in interval of 15-45 days, for up to 1 year. Your remedy and dosages will be modified based on your progress.